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"This is a great band with really smart songs."

- John Millspaugh - Drummer -


Amid the 2020 Covid Crisis, an Indy Indie trio emerged with pithy songs to soothe the soul. The Bellow Cranes originally formed with the limited scope of recording an album of Pat Collins’s favorite songs from his catalogue. When rehearsals began, magic happened and the Bellow Cranes’ sound took shape. 

The band is comprised of three mainstays in the Indianapolis music scene. Front man Pat Collins provides sagacious lyrics, catchy melodies, sweet vocals, and candid rhythm guitar. Holding down the low end is Cecily Terhune on the Fender bass guitar. Lastly, the rhythm section is complete with Rocky Rodriguez’s iconic grooves.


It is almost time for the much-anticipated Bellow Cranes pioneer album release! The songs are in the final stages of mixing and mastering. Please stay tuned for the album release party information. Thanks for checking us out!

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